1. The hoist can be adjusted to fit indefinite weight, thus the up and down movement can be continuously variable.
  2. The operator can pull the materail directly. The movement from the upside to the downside is around 50 cm.
  3. Even if the air supply stopped or turned off, the material can stay in the original position.
  4. For frequently usage, there is no over heating in motor or motor broken issue. The speed can be adjusted by the operator.
  5. As long as the air supply quality is good, the maintenance is hardly necessary for pneumatic driving.
  6. The parts is full time stocked by Globe star.







  1. Car industry
  2. Electric industry
  3. Traditional industry
  4. Assembly production line
  5. No open flames place
  6. Cartons stacking


※To save the human effort and reduce the labor cost, Globe Star's experienced engineer can design the handling equipment with the balance system as the customer's request.