Features of KBK Light Rail System


1. Smooth Operation With Low Noise

KBK’s trolleys, consisting of durable bearings, travel with low noise and little friction, and do not generate iron scrap or leak oil. Universal joints of the clamps make crane operation smooth and agile.


2. Time-saving 3 Axis Movement

KBK's 3 axis movement makes it a time-saving tool for a variety of factories, such as motor factories, clean room factories, logistic factories, and factories requiring efficient movements of materials or components. 



3. Simple Installation

KBK light rail system is designed to be connected with bolts and latches. With basic tools like hex wrenches, open-ended wrenches, and a level, one can easily complete the installation.

4. High Adaptability

KBK light rail system can adapt to a wide variety of locations, such as general factories, residence, and temporary constructions. It can be directly installed onto ceilings, RC beams, H-shaped beams, and flat or pitched roofs.

5. Great Flexibility

KBK light rail system can easily meet the needs of workplaces by extending or shortening vertical and horizontal beams.

6. Excellent Adjustability

The excellent adjustability of KBK light rail system makes it perfect for workplaces with height limitation or unparalleled vertical beams (see illustration below). Compared with traditional overhead cranes, KBK light rail system is much more ideal for small and medium sized factories.



7. Easy Disassembly and Reassembly

KBK light rail system can be easily disassembled and reassembled, saving extra investment costs in case of relocations of factories or production lines.

KBK light rail system assembly drawing


  • KBKXYZ三軸可輕鬆且快速的同時運作,節省搬運定位時間。
  • 懸吊全組 = 軌道夾 + 螺牙套筒 + 螺牙桿 + 橫槽夾
  • 吊環軌道夾 = 吊環 + 軌道夾


 KBK light rail assembly type

l  Single Rail

l  Double Runway Rails and Single Bridge Rail

l  Double Runway Rails and Double Bridge Rails

 KBK Parts



Technical Table

l  Bridge Type

l  Jib Crane Type

Jib Crane Type Loading Table

KBK Light Rail System Application Example

l  KBK Pillar Jib Crane

l  KBK Wall Mounted Jib Crane


l  KBK Rail Changing System

l  Cross with Twin Bridges


l  Curved Single Rail 

l  Cross with Single Bridge



KBK Transportation System

L  KBK Transportation System Types

  1. Stnadard Straight Rail System:Multiple rails can be connected as straight system.
  2. Cross Type System:Bridges can be added depends on the application.
  3. Cross Type Rail Changing System and V Type Rail Changing System:High adaptability to transport different products.